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Investors are provided with the opportunity to invest in individual, real estate mortgage investments professionally managed by RF Eclipse Limited. 

To invest in the Fund, applicants must use the application form that is included in or accompanies the PDS and apply to become a Member of the Fund.

The Fund enables investors to select Mortgage Investments that meet their individual risk profiles and objectives. The final decision to accept any offered mortgage property is with the Member. Members’ money is not pooled together with the money of other Members.

Eclipse manages the loan as the Responsible Entity. The investment is secured against a specific property, particulars of which are included in a Syndicate Statement and forwarded to investors for execution. The Syndicate Statement should be read in full before deciding to invest.

When investing with RF Eclipse Limited, your funds will be invested in a specific first mortgage over real estate where the loan does not exceed an agreed loan to value ratio (LVR).

The typical LVR’s applied are:

  • Residential:     65%
  • Commercial:   50-60%
  • Vacant Land:   40%

Interest rates on loans and fees payable by Borrowers are set out in the relevant Syndicate Statement.

Interest rates are set by RF Eclipse Limited, having regard to factors such as the prevailing market rates, the type of loan, the nature of the security provided, the loan terms and conditions, the identity of the Borrower (including loan servicing and credit record) and other matters that RF Eclipse Limited may consider relevant.

Interest rates are paid monthly in arrears.

Syndicate Statements disclose the following:

  • The name of the borrower, mortgagor and any guarantors
  • The address, description and details of the property
  • The value of the property and the name of the RF Eclipse panel valuer
  • The total amount of the loan
  • The amount of the investor’s contribution or share in the loan
  • The details of the term and interest rate
  • Any other relevant matter.

All title and security documentation is held at our solicitor’s office and is available for your inspection.

Please download a copy of our PDS and complete the relevant application form, or contact our office if have any further questions.



For more information, please download a copy of our PDS.

No entry fees to the Fund.

No management fees for a Mortgage Investment unless stipulated in a Syndicate Statement.

No exit fees on maturity of a Mortgage Investment.

Minimal transfer fee on early repayment of your investment.

No brokerage or commission is payable by Members, but if payable to financial advisers on investment referrals, it is paid separately by RF Eclipse from its own fees.

No costs are payable by Members for the establishment of the RF Eclipse Fund and issue of this PDS for membership of the Fund or any Syndicate Statement.


If you are interested in investing with the RF Eclipse Fund, please Contact Us.

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